Tuesday, March 25, 2008

and in his heart he felt a sick rain.

kittens of doubt played around his ankles. the warped lumber of loss lay strewn in his garage. he felt the weeds growing higher than the garden. he felt too tired to
drive any further. notes from an accordion swarmed around his head like a halo of gnats. he believed that -like an octopus-- he could sense the vague magnetic fields that surrounded objects but, tragically, he had become blind to the objects themselves. there was a vibrating numbness. he thought he could distract himself by turning his thoughts into something ornamental. he was definitely too tired
to drive so instead he played cards.

1. Ace of Diamonds.

This is the gamblers favorite card. he flicks it into the air and shoots the diamond out from the center of a card with a long rifle. there is a silent report like the snap of a finger. this is not right. the gambler does not reveal the card to us but instead raises it to his lips. he kisses the card lightly with a wry expression. the diamond is lifted gently from the card in the gamblers lips (magic).

2. Three of Hearts.

This card does not exist. three hearts in union is as inconceivable to the modern scientist as it was to the ancient lover. debauchery and excessive flirtations or perhaps: mother, father, child.

3. Queen of Spades.

A trailer park matriarch. Shoeboxes full of photos and a bedroom full of cats. Lipstick tipped cigarettes. Her husband is dead but they are still on speaking terms. Her butterfly tattoo comes alive in the dead of winter and sticks like a postage stamp on the refrigerator door. The dolphin from her dolphin stationary swims off the page and grazes your cheek. You are disturbed to note that it feels like a cold hot-dog.

4. Seven of Clubs.

There is a fight in which one man is overcome by many. Their blows fall upon him in such number that he becomes numb. Curiously he feels as if he's overhearing the beating as its happening to someone else. he smiles and wonders what the guy did to deserve that.

He sees jesus wearing what appears to be christmas lights and he knows he must be dreaming. While at first this comforts him he then becomes alarmed and awakes. He pulls off the road as the dawn bends but doesnt break. he shields his face from the promise of light and imagines this as a short wooden bow pulled taut, then tight then
tighter still until
He falls asleep.


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