Thursday, March 03, 2005

you've done it

They frown on this, they frown on that. It is frowned upon. Muslims frown on it. Buddhists frown on it. Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Jews all frown on it. Convicted felons, their sensitivities dulled by years of street narcotics and hard violence frown on it. Philosophy majors with third eyes as bright as streetlights and minds as wide open as the African Savannah frown on it. Unknown poets and famous authors pen pamphlets and haikus condemning it in strong language and fearful polysyllabics. They make movies based on novels based on plays that are written about its inherent peril for middle, upper and lower America. Mournful songs in minor chords are prepared, written, and locked in boxes and buried deep beneath the earths mantle.
They frown on it.
At the mere mention of it, people who used to be in charge walk around wall-eyed babbling about their hearts thumping like shotguns and trying to flee their chests like a dog jumps out of a bathtub.
It’s a sin, an indiscretion, a peccadillo, a fault, a flaw, a drawback, a shortcoming a weakness, a crime against. It’s making a mountain out of a molehill; it’s an unforgivable floccinaucinihilipilification.
It simply isn’t done. It’s an oversight, a lapse in judgement, a crime punishable by the laws of God, man and animal.
It’s onerous, unforgivable, forgivable, unseemly, unwholesome, unsavory.
It’s a scandal, controversy, conflict, a lie or truth to terrible to be told.
It’s like skidmarks in a pair of tighty-whiteys, coffee on your tie, food in your beard.
It’s Hitler’s armpit.
It’s the product of a pinwheeling moral compass, drug addiction, dysfunctional childhood, genetics. It’s indicative of the waning attention span of modern youth, it’s evidence of the cultural irrelevance of the old.
It’s just plain rude.

Chances are, you’ve done it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it whackin' it? Because that would be pretty funny. Fuckin' whackin' it! Yes! Yes!

9:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

deep, unaproching, and aproving, nice. Down to the basics but of what? Of belief or just rules, hipocrocy or frogulation? To touch on a crime is to comit a crime. So what is it and why does it concern you? three words my friend, twenty-four inch pythons. happy times

8:26 am  

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