Sunday, December 12, 2004

I Just Read the Most Beautiful Book

Ok, so i just read the best book of all time.

Its called Trent Sherwin and the Magical Trenchcoat.

Although a lot of you bespectacled hipster types might try to classify this book as "Pyncheonesque" or "DeLillo-y" Trent Sherwin is probably the most wildly original book written since the Bible. In many ways it reads as a Biblical allegory (ollowing our waifish messianic central figure up until his final absolution). There's plenty of Old Testament guts to this piece however. *wink!*
Another comparison, given the pseudo-autobiographical nature of the book (written and illustrated by Trent Sherwin) might be Operation Shylock by Phillip Roth, although Sherwin mentions precious little about Diasporic Jewry. He does, however have something to say about the plight of the modern Armenian. *double wink!*

Mark McManus of Easy Rider Magazine has already called this book "The New new Fiction."

Kitty Carlisle of Cat Fancy has gone so far as to say, "Die Salinger Die! The King is dead, long live the new King!"

Ivan Semyanov Bartok (author of New Molvania and In Serbia my Mother Sleeps) says this,
"...he [Sherwin] has annihilated the fourth genre and used its rubble to pave the way for the fifth."

anyway, get out there and read that book!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You couldn't have described this book better. It's just a matter of time until everyone is praising it. There is even talk of Focus Films picking up the short story series and turning it into a film. There is also a rumor that both Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have contacted Focus about playing the main character, Trent Sherwin. If you happen to find out anyomre information, please post it on your blog. I'd be really interested to see where it is going.

12:49 am  
Blogger Rev. Joel Kazoo - AAS said...


Lookin' at the site, very nice.

I have GOT to read that book, dude!

Be sure to tell all your pals to check mine out, too!

6:22 pm  

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