Monday, September 20, 2004

Lucifer #2

Another AZ dream:

I'm on my back patio in AZ. It's a hot fall evening my wife and her foster daughter are with me. We're just sitting around shooting the shit. We hear a car go zooming by. I walk down the short walkway along the side of the house towards the locked gate to see what's going on. All of a sudden people are shooting at us.

I yell at the women to get in the house and call the cops. I pull my own gun out and start shooting back over the brick fence that separates us from the street knowing that the bullets aren't coming anywhere near close to hitting whoever is shooting at me. As I'm running up the walkway to get into the house a lucky shot hits me in the leg. What had been a short walk of a couple dozen feet suddenly seems like miles. I keep shooting back hoping to distract them and maybe scare whoever it is off. All the while I'm thinking 'Who the hell are these people and why the hell are they shooting at us?' I start to wake up, but as I'm waking up I become confused and wonder 'Is this a dream or am I dreaming of something that really happened? Will I wake up and be the age I am in the dream or much older and reliving a past event while I'm asleep?'


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