Tuesday, September 14, 2004

back to form

one thing about dreams that continually suprises me is their ability
to replicate or render a complex emotional state, often without any supporting details or information.

it's like motherfucking alchemy or something.

case in point:

a while ago i met this girl. the sister of a friend. She was one of those people you have an immediate liking for. The kind of girl you'd date, only you hope she has better taste. anyway, that night i had a dream about her.

there was nothing specific, no places, dates or events, but the overall effect was that of falling in love. it was like the first electric phases of a relationship condensed down to its barest emotional detail. i woke up feeling as in love as i have ever been. the day unfolded in front of me, practically pulsing with beauty and promise.

for about two whole seconds.

needless to say, it messed me up. hard.


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