Monday, February 21, 2005

sadness warshed over the dude


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Figuring out why Hunter Thompson used a shotgun....

First of all, it’s hard to miss when you use a shotgun to commit suicide. So I’ve been told. Not by suicides, but by paramedics who’ve answered calls to suicides. It’s really, really hard to miss yourself with a scatter shotgun.

…….“In 1960 Hemingway was hospitalized at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, for treatment of depression, and released in 1961. During this time he was given electric shock therapy for two months. On July 2 Hemingway committed suicide with his favorite shotgun at his home in Ketchum, Idaho.”………….

Ernest Hemingway’s situation does not go all the way in explaining if Hunter Thompson used his favorite shotgun, or a secondhand shotgun, or what. There are probably some questions left hanging in the air why Hunter Thompson chose a shotgun at all.

“Kurt Cobain was found dead on April 8, 1994 by an electrician sent to install a burglar alarm. He killed himself 3 days earlier with a shotgun, leaving behind a rambling suicide note.”

Hunter Thompson reportedly left no suicide note. How poignant that for a man who wrote so many words, he had nothing to say when he left the world. He used a shotgun and left no suicide note.

Maybe it has something akin to the reason the actor George Sands committed suicide, George Sands left a suicide note that said: “I got bored with life.”……….marcythewhore

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